A Buffet-Day While On A Diet

diet-tipsSome usually drop out of their diet program due to sameness of food they need to take in every single day. Diet programs that offer set meals for an entire week usually make the dieter feel constricted and trapped. For some, even if the set meals are different for each week; the taste becomes bland as well. As a result, the dieter would sneak in a chocolate bar or freshly baked bread every now and then. This, undoubtedly, would instigate weight loss failure.

A remedy for this looming waste of diet program investment is the “Buffet-Day”. Choosing one day in week to sensibly eat to satisfy cravings is vital. This creates some sense of excitement as the one single day of sensible eating draws nearer. This is a day to be enjoyed, whether with friends or family, it is one day to look forward to. This discipline and mindset could give the dieter the much deserved diet break..

Usually done on a weekend, enjoying the “Buffet Day” reconnects the dieter to their family and friends. Cooking and eating with loved ones even for just one day can give the dieter some strength and motivation to prepare for another week of weight loss meals.

Proven effective by many, assigning one day as the diet “Buffet Day” leaves a more favorable effect to dieters. Without fear of over indulging with food on the free day, serious and dedicated dieters know better than to throw their hard work for the last six days. In fact once diet disciplined is instilled there is a conscious effort to eat more sensibly even on “Buffet Day”.

Dieting alone is a difficult task to do. However if a person is determined enough to achieve a healthy life, he ought to be open to options and ideas that could help him succeed. The “Buffet Day” idea is definitely for keeps.



Benefits Of Using A Slow Cooker To Lose Weight

weight-loss-slow-cookerInvesting in a slow cooker is ideal especially if you plan to lose weight the healthy way. A slow cooker is a multipurpose cooking appliance best used for reduced fat and low-calorie cooking. By simply choosing and combining the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients like skinless chicken breasts, lean meat, beans, and vegetables; the slow cooker can produce sumptuous and healthy meals with almost zero effort. Thick and hearty soups and stews, low-fat pasta dishes, and other low-carbohydrate meals are perfect especially if you are striving to lose weight. Just make sure to use a slow cooker to come up with those yummy dishes.

Slow cookers come in two kinds, programmable and non-programmable. The programmable type entails no extra attention once the cooker is set up to desired temperature and length of cooking time. While on the other hand, the non-programmable type calls for intermittent attention in the slow process of cooking. These options are useful especially if you want to lose weight. You may have a busy lifestyle and opt for the programmable type or you may settle for the programmable where you can spend some time n really cooking your healthy meals. It really depends on your specific needs.

By using a slow cooker, you can, definitely, concentrate on other weight loss activities such as walking, or jogging, instead of preparing healthy meals the conventional and tedious way. With its even temperature, the heat from the slow cooker does not burn food. This means that you can really be assured of a well-cooked, nutritious, and delicious meal ideal for weight loss.

A slow cooker does not offer convenience alone. It can also open the doors to creating healthy and inexpensive meals packed with necessary nutrients needed to help shed off excess weight. As the key to a successful weight loss is eating correctly and staying active, the slow cooker can provide the means to eat healthy and the time to maintain an active lifestyle.